Cosham House


Cosham House is a free flowing home for a family of five that was designed to bring the outdoors inside and to be surrounded by light and greenery.


The design premise was to use four seemingly floating geometric folds that interlock, but do not touch so that space easily flows throughout the home. Mezzanine and changing levels reinforce this notion, connecting areas, but providing separate space for the family to gather, whether together, or separately, or for entertaining.


The folds of the walls are anchored by the cantilever stair and its natural stone backing wall, which provides a textured, sculptural feature at the centre of the home. A natural flow of space that is created at this central anchor position is the inner courtyard which draws greenery and light inside.



The use of natural voids and vistas is critical to the success of the house, taking advantage of the series of green open spaces in the front, middle and rear to create light and shade. The materiality used in the house was specifically chosen to strengthen these internal vistas and movement within.